The Farm Wife

The Farm Wife

Embracing the Handmade Life

Creating handmade items is more than just working with your hands. It is also a cerebral exercise. If I see something I like, I study the item to see how it is made, and then determine if I can make it myself. The Country Boy and I do the same thing with food. If we taste it and like it, we study it to see if it can be recreated in our own kitchen.

There are so many reasons why you should embrace the handmade life, but to narrow it down, here are three of the main ones.

One of a Kind - The way YOU make something is going to be completely different than the way someone else does. And if you are comparing your handmade items to store-bought – don’t. Items from the stores are now mass manufactured, and it seems as if the materials used are cheaply made.




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