Trail Ride Woes Return in 2021 with Grand Cane Citizens Demanding Solutions

Trail Ride Woes Return in 2021 with

In June 2019, Frierson area residents attended a police jury meeting to discuss the rowdy and dangerous actions of a large number of people attending a trail ride that was hosted by Thaddeus Lee. The main concern seemed to be handling the mass crowds and parking issues. A workshop was held to see that this behavior, lack of respect for personal property, and the traffic violations would be handled in a more controlled fashion. This past weekend, the same problems arose, but this time it was centered around the Grand Cane with the Big W Trailride. The increase in attendance went from 800 in 2019 to 7,000 to 8,000 in 2021.

People that spoke out about the group first wanted to emphasize that when Dave Whitaker was living, the trail ride was a family friendly event with all ages behaving while having a good time. They still have nothing against the trail ride in general, but the groups that are coming from out of town seem to be where the trouble lies. They are banding together to demand solutions from this happening again.

Basically, the citizens are concerned about the crowd “taking over”, blocking the roads, and not having enough crowd control. One gentleman spoke about the concern for his elderly parents that reside on Blunt-Mill Road. If there had been any type of an emergency, how would they receive aid? They were literally prisoners in their own home and were terrified.

The litter and disrespect left in people’s yards contained everything from horseshoes with spikes still in them in the roadway to both male and females defecating and squatting to use the bathroom in their yards or right on the side of the road in site of everyone. The litter problem consisted of beer bottles, to food wrappers and related items, prophylactics, toilet paper and dirty diapers.




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