On The Bright Side

On The Bright Side

Summers in the 1980s when I was a schoolage girl were the best. It wasn’t that we went on fancy vacations back then or had unique plans. It was the “gift of the ordinary days” when time seemed to stand still.

My sisters and I and local friends spent countless hours in our pool playing games like Sharks and Minnows and Marco Polo. We alternated swimming with riding the four-wheeler in the trails in the woods, our wet hair drying in the wind.

I can recall those trails, the turns and hills and shortcuts still clear in my mind from thirty-plus years ago.

Otter Pop popsicles that Momma bought from Sam’s Club in Shreveport were the go-to summer treat, and everyone tried to grab the Poncho Punch flavor first. Alexander the Grape was a close second. They still make those popsicles, but they aren’t quite as good or as big as they were in the 80s.








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