Hey, Let’s Talk!

Hey, Let’s Talk!

Killer Bike

On our ever increasing quest to get into better health Susan and I decided to try some new things. She joined a Pilates class and I bought a mountain bike. Well, actually I’d ordered a black collapsible 26” nongender specific bike that looked pretty easy to use and a low center of gravity. However, they were out and offered to upgrade to a nicer and more expensive one at no extra charge to me. Of course I accepted and was amazed to unpack a sharp looking BMW Mountain Bike – Wow! Susan called in to report that the Pilates exercises were going well while I was assembling this great (and dangerous looking) bike. She said she wanted to try mine before ordering hers and wondered if I’d even be able to ride it?

I scoffed, remembering my bicycling days at college and even the bike adventures as a kid in this very neighborhood that I live in now. Then I remembered that had been 60 years ago when I’d go zooming down Dead Man’s Hill or across town. Susan’s question kept ricocheting around in my mind as I reflected on how ominous Dead Man’s Hill sounded now; I noticed the inadequate looking hand brakes; I wondered about the soundness of the petal attachments and the complexity of the gear sequence; I could see myself grandly sailing off into the creek or crashing and skidding bare-headed down the asphalt. I immediately set the seat very low so that my center of gravity would be lower in case of a balance problem.







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