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Hey, Let’s Talk!
Hey, Let’s Talk!

Oh Cornbread!

This is an amusing expletive that my Grandmother uttered to express annoyance or frustration – as in, “Oh Cornbread I spilled some milk!” AND I thought it would make an interesting title for this week’s column about the last few “cornbread mis-adventures” I’ve had.

I’ve always just bought a package or two of Gladiola cornbread that only require a cup of milk and an egg. However, I added a little Baking Powder to one and liked the way it puffed up a little higher. You may remember early March’s column on “Creamy Scrambled Eggs” where I found that adding a little Cornstarch helped the dish be more fluffy and creamy so I thought that adding even more Baking Powder to the cornbread batter would make the cornbread even better … it doesn’t.

A week or so later I found myself with a little extra chopped up jalapeno and decided to make a Mexican Cornbread. The recipe called for a small can of cream corn so I added a small can of corn kernels, too. Since I was now going off of the back of the cornmeal package and would be making a larger batch of cornbread than the packets made I added more cheese than it called for.



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