Hey, Let’s Talk!

Hey, Let’s Talk!
Hey, Let’s Talk!

“What You Want”

Most of y’all know that dualities fascinate me and it doesn’t matter if it’s common themes in descriptions, poems or songs , nature or whatever. But the most striking to me is in analogies. The other day Garrison Keillor of “Prairie Home Companion” fame was writing about how fortunate he’s been in his career. How he’s stumbled into it and how rich it’d made his life. He concluded, “Some luck lies in not getting what you want but getting what you have, which – once you take a good look – you may realize is what you would’ve wanted if you had only known.”

That really resonated with me and I had to return to it after I’d finished his article and re-read it to try to straighten it out in my mind. After reading through it a couple of times I realized that I’d heard it or read it somewhere else. It’s theme was hauntingly familiar…

I googled it and all I found was a song by ole “Smokin’ Joe” Jackson (whose actually British!) who sang, “Cause I’ll tell you one thing/ You can’t get what you want/ Until you know what you want.” Now I was getting somewhere because Garrison and ole Joe were almost onto the same thing.







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