Hey, Let’s Talk!

Hey, Let’s Talk!
Spring! Spring!!

I was told that I have a “Rain Crow” in my yard. I thought that I was hearing a woodpecker or a hawk but my ole friend, Van Griffith, said no that was a Rain Crow and they were very secretive and hard to see. Well, I’m kinda a birdwatcher and looking into what that curious bird was I found out that its real name is a Yellow-Billed Cuckoo. I do remember my Dad pointing out one to me when I was nine or ten so I was really on the watch now.

On that same bird watching subject a chart on the Internet showed that the first wave of Hummingbirds were due in this area early March. I put my feeders up and saw my first Ruby Throat last week – what fun! I usually don’t put them up until the middle of March so this is the earliest one yet. Because I had posted on Facebook that I’d seen my first “Hummer” several of my friends joked and asked what he was humming? I volleyed that Def Leppard song back, “Put some sugar (on it)…”

On Susan’s visit here last Sunday she especially wanted to see my newly arrived hummingbirds so we sat on the back patio and sure enough one flew right up to the nearby feeder. A little later we heard a loud “Cu-Cu-Cu” and a dark grey, medium-sized bird flew right past us and lit in the tree next to the bird feeder. We watched as he called a few more times then flew away. Amazed, I told Susan that it must have been the Rain Crow that Griffith had told me he’d heard.








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