Along the Way

Along the Way

(Editor’s Note: This is an oldie but goodie column written by Mrs. Carpenter for the August 24, 2017 Enterprise. Please enjoy this rerun.)

I saw a picture of a dorm room online recently that looked like it had received the personal touch of Joanna Gaines from HGTV’s Fixer Upper than the touch of two 18-year-old kids.

It was nothing like my old dorm room at Louisiana Tech.

I spent my first year at Tech in the “freshman dorm” called Mitchell Hall. To help you imagine the condition of that dorm, we all referred to it as “Mitch-Hell.”

I had gone “potluck” on my first roommate at Tech, landing me with the one and only Melanie McCall. And our dorm room wasn’t anything like the Pinterest photos of today; no, it was just ancient twin beds with matching mint-and-Pepto-Bismol-colored comforters, typical of mid-nineties decor.



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