Hey, Let’s Talk!

Hey, Let’s Talk!

A Scratch Cherry Pie

Most of you who read my columns know that, although I love to cook, I am “Pastry Challenged”. In fact I am “Gravy/Sauce Challenged”, too, but that doesn’t pertain to this column. That’s why you may be curious about the title. Most people think of a “scratch done” dish as one done completely by a recipe with your own ingredients in your own kitchen. AND because I couldn’t do a real scratch cherry pie if my life depended on it I bought a Sara Lee frozen cherry pie at Brookshires. Now I DID scratch the side flap of the box it came in to open it and I DID scratch the cellophane wrapping to remove it before baking so that’s my take on a Scratch Cherry Pie. It sure does taste good, too, especially with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on top while it’s piping hot!

I also want to share with you that I’ve had several comments from readers of my Mississippi Roast column last week. My friend Butch thinks it would be over-seasoned with the two packets of gravy mix, the salt & pepper and the pepperoncini peppers AND I agree. The three and half pound chuck roast I cooked would have been better with a half packet of each powdered mix and a little Louisiana Hot Sauce rubbed on the roast before dusting with flour and searing. Billy J. said he does one like this with beef or pork but calls it a Cajun Roast and uses a lot of Cajun flair.



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