Help Ease the Medical Bills of Jackson Coffey

Help Ease the Medical Bills of Jackson Coffey

Back in March 2020, Jackson Coffey was in and out of the pediatrician’s office for almost 2 weeks. Jackson had swollen lymph nodes, red puffy eyes and rash that covered most of his body along with being severely lethargic and not being able to get out of bed without help before they finally admitted him to the hospital because they couldn’t figure out what was going on. He was then finally diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease once he was hospitalized.

By that time his fever was staying around 103- 104 degrees and he had already lost 10 lbs. He was treated with IVIG treatment and remained in the hospital another 5 days. Jackson’s fever finally eased at that time so he was sent home, but at home he still remained in bed very weak and still not eating and had to have help to get up to go to the bathroom which is the only time he got out of bed.

He had a bad case of Kawasaki and 4 days after being home his fever spiked and he was right back in the hospital for another week. He had to get another IVIG treatment, which those alone cost an enormous amount of money. Just one treatment ran up to almost $60,000, and Jackson had to go through 2 treatments!


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