Hey, Let’s Talk!

Hey, Let’s Talk!
I’m So Sorry!

Yes, … there – I said it. I apologize for thinking that I had invented a new Italian dish as in the B r o d o Classico or Pasta Broth that I wrote about a few columns back, Mi Dispiace’. Although as a disclaimer, I did mutter that the simple broth I thought I had invented couldn’t possibly be new and surely should have been discovered earlier. AND, yep - it had; In 1550 in Northern Italy and called Tortellini En Brodo. When I sent the original column out by email one of my earliest readers and oldest friend, Janis from South Louisiana, pointed out that when she lived in Italy there was a broth like the one I had “discovered”.

Sure enough when I googled her Tortellini En Brodo - there it was. Now to be factual (& give myself some wiggle room!) the original is cooked and served with the cheese-stuffed Tortellinis in the broth. With mine I had taken out the Linguini noodles but had imagined leaving them in next time. Of course, now I’m going to have to buy a bag of frozen cheese-stuffed Tortellini and try this ancient dish the correct way, En Italiani. AND, you know that I will have to adjust it some kinda way – that’s how I roll, er … I mean cook.


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