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Get the Birds Ready for Spring!

Although it is still cold outside, spring is right around the corner. Between now and late March is the time to start getting ready for the birds to return from their migration south for the winter.

1. Get out the scrub brush – birdbaths and feeders can get dirty, which in turn can harbor bacteria and diseases that can be harmful, if not fatal to birds. Use a mild detergent and a stiff-bristle scrub brush to clean your birdbaths. A sponge will work well on the feeders, or even a bottle brush for the tube feeder versions.

2. As soon as the weather is consistently warm enough, clean out all of the birdhouses. Remove the weather stripping you used to insulate the ventilation holes. Pull out all of the old nesting material. If you are able, open the lid and brush out all the loose dust and debris. If you choose, you can add a few small bits and pieces of fresh hay to get the birds started on new nests, but not too much. Each species has a certain way of building their nests, and preferred materials.



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