Capt. Adam Ewing Caught in the Act of Paying It Forward with Christmas Kindness

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Capt. Adam Ewing Caught in the Act of Paying It Forward with Christmas Kindness

On December 16, Captain Adam Ewing of the DeSoto Parish Sheriff’s Office, was the subject of wide-spread attention after his actions at the Brookshire’s store in Mansfield. It seems Ewing noticed a fellow shopper behind him in the check-out line and decided to pick up her grocery tab.

Thanks to social media, the fellow shopper, Sharay Lane made a post on Facebook about Ewing’s actions asking her friends to help and identify the DeSoto Deputy. Ms. Lane’s post read as follows: “When I tell ya’ll there’s still some good people in this world believe me. Okay, I was just in Brookshires waiting to be checked out & this officer from DeSoto Parish Sheriff Department was in front of me, I’m just looking down in my phone I just so happen to look up and I see my groceries going down the line w/ the cashier ranging them up & he’s still in the front of the cash register me thinking she thought that was his stuff but I thought wrong & I goes to say “MA’AM those are my groceries” & Mr. Officer says to me “MERRY CHRISTMAS”. I was in total shock y’all I literally started shedding tears, Mr. didn’t even have to do that but guess what he did it & I can’t let him go unnoticed for this cause that was literally a blessing man I’M FOREVER GRATEFUL for it! I can vouch not every officer is a bad officer because I’ve seen nothing but good come from a couple that works at DESOTO PARISH SHERIFF DEPARTMENT! IF ANYONE knows him could y’all please tag him in this post. I just wanna say THANK YOU once again Mr. Officer I am forever Grateful for this blessing & I pray you receive double in return for this act of kindness you showed & MAY GOD BLESS YOU CONTINUOUSLY”

Ewing had wanted to slip past the shopper, hoping that she was so involved in her phone that she wouldn’t notice what he was doing. He added that he almost made it out without being noticed.



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