Hey, Let’s Talk! “McCheebugar”

Van Reech

Would McDonald’s rip off the SNL Greek Diner’s signature sandwich? Yes, AND I think that food junkie and late SNL cast member, John Belushi, would be secretly smiling. Also, Butch Golsan texted to remind me that the Diner had, “No fries … Cheeps”.

First a report on the Cheeseburger Casserole that I cooked last week. It was good, I think the kiddos will like it and I was glad that I halved the onions because saving some for garnish after along with coarse chopped tomatoes and lettuce was good. If you have onion haters to cook for then the thin sliced onions cooked down so that they were almost invisible when everything was done. Toasting the chopped up bacon dripping infused buns on top of the casserole was genius and gave the whole thing an extra crunch. So, I will give it a thumbs up – but try it and let me know what you think at reechjr@yahoo.com (with the title ‘CheeBuggar’) or call 318-540-7500.

After last week’s column, I’ve been noticing different cheeseburger offerings. Investigation and research are two of the sacrifices I make for you so that this column will be as accurate as I can make it. That is why I decided to find out first hand the differences in McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger, the McDouble, and their regular Cheeseburger. I mean a Double Cheeseburger should be just two regulars put together – Wrong! So, first let’s first get a description down:


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