The Farm Wife

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How do we measure ‘enough’? Is it when our savings account is stuffed to overflowing? Is it when we need to buy a bigger house, just to have more closet space for shoes and clothes? Is it when our paychecks double and the cost of living is cut in half ?

Everyone has their own idea of what is enough. But if you look around, your ‘enough’ is much different than the person next to you. A homeless person considers a meal in their stomach enough. It is sheer luxury to them to have a real roof over their heads, instead of a tree limb or a cardboard box.

A young couple with a new child feels it is enough if they can just pay the electric bill this month. Last month they weren’t so fortunate. If there ever is any extra, the thought of buying something for themselves is unheard of. Instead, all extras go towards the care of their child.


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