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The Business Doctor

Tranquility, Tariff, Trade, Taxes, Tactics, and Trump

We have two

main political parties, but we have 100 different kinds of cheese, several large automotive companies, multiple genders, and countless religions. Just two political parties to try and fit every difference for each group of people. These differences are fueling growth in some areas but killing growth in others. The businesses that are growing we need to promote those businesses to get stronger and these struggling we need to patron to save (if they are meeting consumer needs). At this moment, no company is without some hesitation about what the future holds. Planning your competitive tactics is genuinely frustrating. The real issue is Small American Businesses have been at disadvantages against overseas markets. “Oh, lord, what are we to do now!”

As a business owner, chosen sides can hurt you in the long haul. How is this possible? Because several industries have chosen sides, not realizing that businesses connected to them did the same by picking opposite sides, and now the supplier and the retailer are both struggling to meet consumer demand.




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