Along the Way

Along the Way

Often, the most powerful evidence for Christ is what He has done in a person’s life — those individual experiences that can only be explained by God, and that become seared in a person’s heart and mind throughout their life.

I can recall something that happened just after I turned twelve years old that became very profound to me, even to this day.

I was in the seventh grade and a boy named Ben had given me his ID bracelet to wear. He had told me how much the bracelet meant to him, a gift from his dad, so I felt like it was extra special.

One afternoon, my grandmother picked me up from school. As I was riding in the front seat, I looked at my right wrist and realized that Ben’s bracelet was missing. I panicked and began frantically digging through my backpack which was at my feet, looking on the floorboard and between the seats.


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