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Management A Little of This and That

Not every business or community has an effective management strategy even though it is the key to establish the growth of the company and the ease of the community. The key to community health is entrepreneurs creating employment and profit opportunities; this is what ignites growth and financial viability for the business and the community. The common mistake we make is feeling because someone owns something they are also good at management. People often misunderstand the functions of control because they put too much focus on results rather than the processes. Again, misrepresentation of good leadership is often confused with excellent management. For example, I often hear about the numerous millionaires we have in the community. The community is split on who should get the glory and fame of being recognized as a celebrity millionaire. Even though it has never been confirmed, I can also hear people arguing that several locals are billionaires. No matter the measurement, how many jobs have been created from this leadership? It is a question that often halts all bragging and conversations about wealthy people. I don’t have conversations about other people’s money; I consider it rude.



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