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Music and math is universal. Saying yes or no is universal. Human survival and wanting a better life is universal. Poor and rich is universal. Getting to a better life is where we all have a challenge. If you are going to move from one stage to the next, you need to surround yourself with people that’s battle tested. People who can take a punch and give a punch. My co-author for this article says, Never be afraid to live your best life, because we only get one. Dierdre Thurman is the owner and president of Mission Squad Music an up incoming record label based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

When asked about her exposure to Dr. Youngblood, Ms. Thurman states, My experience with gold is like most people, I only cared about how much I wore. As a young adult, being draped in bling was the in-thing. I was spending too much money on rings, necklaces and rope chains. Without really understanding the purity and karats. You could not tell me anything, because I had the money to pay, so I did. I would hang out with my friends, and we would all admire each other’s gold jewelry, but none of us really understood purity and karats. What’s interesting, I never thought about where gold came from. In my youth, if I had to take a wild guess, I would say that someone manufactured it, but surely not extracted it from the earth. I had always believed that God can do all things. That included make Gold. However, combined with my urban life and I never gave much consideration to the origins of gold in school.. Frankly, I was young and was not putting much thought into most things that were important to my future, our future.


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