The Business Doctor: Small Towns: It Can Happen To Any Town

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After noticing many shifts in communities around the world some good and some not so good I write this piece to try an divert a collapse in our rural communities. I hope to bring an active awareness to help stop these communities from dying. I will list and discuss in depth many factors but there are a few that deserve mentioning but I will not discuss in depth. Such as several of our large employers have been sold and changed leadership without the community being fully aware of what was in the deal. The lack of love for the community from the private sector’s leadership meaning how often do you see the top CEO’s or Presidents of the largest employers spreading their personal appearance or involvement in the community. Another no mention is one size fits all or outright horrible government policies contributing destruction to small towns and rural areas. Finally the decline and loss of respect of the churches.

Here is the first part of the list of top contributors killing small towns and rural areas. These factors are not in an order of social, personal, political, or economical importance as each town is slightly unique in their problems.

1. Dead surroundings. On your way to town you see many dilapidated or abandon houses and businesses. The first thing to happen is surrounding communities start to die or died. School closing, loss of businesses, children being bused longer distances to school. If school starts at 8am and your child has to awake 3 hours prior this is a long term problem and signifies future problems for the child and the community. Consider that the average time to getup and get ready to be on time for school is one hour and twenty minutes.


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