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While reading earlier articles and thinking about assembling them into some kinda book form this writer remembered that he had an unfinished portion on ‘Patriotic Questions’. The twelve that were discussed in the earlier article used all of the available space then so be patient as we finish the rest.

14. Name the 13 original states: N.H., Mass, R.I., Conn., N.Y., Penn., Del., Maryland, Virg., N.C., S.C., and Ga.

15. Who was the oldest delegate to sign the Constitution? Benjamin Franklin at 81.

16. What did the Emancipation Proclamation do? Freed the slaves in the Confederate states.

17. Who was Susan B. Anthony? Fought for women’s right to vote.

18. Who did the United States fight in W.W.II? Japan, Germany, and Italy.

19. What was the main concern during the Cold War after W.W.II ended? Communism.


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