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Most everyone has heard of the importance and great benefit of compost. It is a vital natural addition to any garden, whether you are growing flowers, vegetables or herbs. But what exactly is compost? The simple version is it is a balanced mixture of ‘greens’ and ‘browns’ that when mixed together creates heat. That heat begins to break down the pile, and after a couple of turnings, ends up a granular mixture similar to dirt. It is loaded with great nutrients that will feed your plants and help them to grow.

Greens are your wet materials - food scraps, manure, grass clippings, and the dead remnants when you clean out your garden. This is the nitrogen producer in your bin. Browns are your dry materials -hay, leaves, sawdust and straw. This is the carbon, as well as a ‘wick’ for excess moisture. When layered, moistened and left to sit, heat begins to build up and break down the solids.



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