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Learn To Cook

Not everyone loves to cook, but it isn’t difficult to learn. There was a joke in our family that said my sister Amie couldn’t boil water without burning it. Truthfully, she wasn’t that bad, but she wasn’t that good, either. Today, Amie is a Registered Dietitian and can cook with the best of them. Her jams and jellies are always in demand and she never hesitates to bring something delicious to any potluck. If Amie can learn, then there is hope for everyone!

Is your freezer filled with prepackaged meals that are served in a microwave or foil dish? Stop buying them and make them! Preparing meals at home aren’t just healthier for your body, they are also healthier for your budget. Most meals can be prepared at home for less than what you can buy it for in the grocery store or restaurant. Start simple, with something such as scrambled eggs or an omelet. From there, move to recipes that include five ingredients or less. If you aren’t comfortable, call a friend or family member who loves to cook, and ask them to teach you.


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