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Even though doubt is sometimes looked at negatively within the Christian life, not all doubt is bad or harmful. In fact, how we handle times of doubt can actually deepen our faith in God.

Our ability to reason is a gift from God, so He can handle any question we come up with. After all, God did command us to love him with our minds (Matt. 22:37).

To gain a profound intimacy with God, we are to know what we believe and why. It’s important to know that Christianity is not based on emotion, but rather on evidence. Our feelings about God’s presence in our lives at all times may come and go, but that does not change the facts or the evidence.

Those who have solid reasons for God’s existence — for who God is and what He has done — can stand upon those unshakable convictions in times of doubt. And this is because those convictions are based on firm evidence, not varying emotions.



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