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One of the most important non-federal projects in the United State is in our own backyard and is known as the Toledo Bend Reservoir. Historically the Rio de Sabinas (Sabine River) separated Spanish Texas from French Louisiana. Since rivers were early boundaries between countries it was natural for this river that runs north and south down to the Gulf of Mexico serve as the separation line.

In 1795 Crow’s Ferry was established at a narrow point on the Sabine where present day Hwy 6 crosses the river. James Gaines operated the ferry for 24 years when approximately 55,000 people migrated into Spanish Texas. After the Battle of the Alamo many left Texas by way of the ferry but after the victory at San Jacinto they returned by the same route.

Gaines sold the ferry in 1843 and it became known as the Pendleton Ferry. The Sabine River drains 9000 square miles. It had a history of flooding in extremely rainy seasons which created a big problem. By the 1940’s both LA. and TX. decided to try to do something about the problem. Texas formed the Sabine River Authority and in 1949 La. followed suite with the L.S.A. in 1950. In 1954 LA. Gov. Kennon signed a compact with the Gov. of TX. to create a Sabine River Watershed and U.S. Congress approved the contract.


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