Hey, Let’s Talk! Ketchup or Catsup?

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How do you pronounce this famous American condiment? It probably depends on where you’re from – kinda like the different pronunciations of ‘Pee-Can’, ‘Pa-Con’, or ‘Pee-cOn’ . AND we Louisianans love to make fun of Yankees saying ‘Cray-fish’ instead of ‘CRAW-Fish’ as God intended.

Anyway, February’s National Geographic had a big article on “How Ketchup Made Food Safer” by Deborah Blum. She belives that we don’t really know where the name came from but, perhaps, from a 6th century Asian sauce made from fermented fish and called “Ke-Tsiap” (Ga- Aaak!). She reports that our “Ketchup” first came on the market in the late 19th century but it was a thin sauce made from tomato scraps and thickened with anything from ground pumpkin rinds to apple pumace and dyed a deceptive red or put in colored glass containers to hide the appearance and condition of the contents.

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