Looking Up: Standing on the Edge!

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I am standing on the edge as I form this column in my mind. Underneath my feet is wet sand mixed with millions of shells. Behind me are camps and cabins raised on stilts and on this day they all seem to be empty. The beach is empty also, unless you decide to count the hundreds of gulls and other birds that are around. Above me is a crystal clear, azure blue, sky. And in front of me, the reason for the trip, is the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. Although it is not quiet, the solitude that I seek has been found. I am wrapped in the beauty of God’s creation and I am at peace. The sound of the waves rolling in is hypnotic. The cries of the birds become the background track to the waves. The beauty of the day fills my soul. All shall be well.

I am at Holly Beach, where the road ends in the waters of the Gulf. Everything on Holly Beach today is new, everything. Hurricane Rita wiped the beach clean in 2005, but the people of the area were not going to walk away, not them. They just rebuilt. In fact, if you do an internet search of Holly Beach you will learn that because of the threat of hurricanes, back in the day the camps were “built to be rebuilt.”


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