Cruisin’ in Grand Cane: Vehicle Showcase

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The Nomad was in a class all its own when it began life in February 1955. The ‘55 model is very rare, with only a few thousand ever built. Blending the hardtop door glass framing, sloping rear quarters, fluted roof, wrap around rear side glass and rear-wheel cutouts, with special interior featured waffle rib upholstery, this car is the most popular wagon ever.

Advertised as “The Hot One”, the shoebox form of the Nomad is still very popular. They came loaded with interior carpet, chrome spears on the front fenders, chrome window moldings and full wheel covers. In 1955, the first year of production, you could upgrade from a six cylinder to a modern V8 engine. The new 265 cu inch, overhead valve, high compression short stroke design lasted for many decades. The base V8 had a two-barrel carburetor with 162 hp. The “Power Pack” option featured a four barrel carburetor and other upgrades yielding 180 hp with room for six passengers inside. A two door body style with a rear bench seat that folded down to accommodate cargo and a two-piece tailgate with a glass upper portion that swung up also had a tailgate that folded down which made the Nomad very popular.


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