Donald Henry Holland May 16, 1935-Sept. 20, 2018

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Donald Henry Holland, 83, of Mansfield, Louisiana, passed away on September 20, 2018. He was born in Council Hill, Oklahoma on May 16, 1935, to Pat and Inez Holland. A man of many talents, Donald embraced, enjoyed and exceled at all life has to offer. His adventures are too numerous to mention and his talents were limitless. An Aviation Specialist by trade, Donald was also an underwater welder, race horse jockey and dirt track race car driver. In his down time, Donald loved the great outdoors and enjoyed camping, hiking, and fishing with his friends and loved ones. More than his accomplishments, the man behind them was full of love, laughter, compassion, and support. Donald’s smile, laughter, and joking never failed to light up a room and his ever present positivity was infectious. A great humanitarian, Donald provided a wide range of support to his family and strangers – from his younger brother, who he helped get to college, to anyone in need of a helping hand. Donald was married to Billie Toombs Holland for 57 years and was a loving, devoted, and fun husband and father of three sons. He is survived by his wife, sons, and daughters in law, including Donald and his wife Jill, Dwight and his wife Leanne, his brother Lloyd and extended family.

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