Laws of Causality

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by Dr. Raymond Youngblood Jr.

“Oh my God,” one of the new miners yelled as we approached the base of a tree. “Yo, yo this tree is a freak man, boy…look at it.” All the new miners gathered around, many of whom were city boys I converted into project managers. One of the veteran miners said, "that's Lady!” The base of the tree was gigantic. It was so big one would have thought it needed 150 years to grow. That was far from the truth, it only needed 20 years. Across from it was another one, and as the miners looked around, they saw five huge bases. “Doc, this tree has got to be 300 meters (1,000 feet) feet tall.” I laughed and said not quite. These trees are just like y’all I said. The young miners laughed, the veterans stood tall while slapping the shoulders of the young miners to stop laughing. As I stood next to the base of the tree, I appeared like a flea on the butt of an elephant, hardly noticeable and meaningless. I said let me tell you guys a story that happened two decades ago. As we entered this very bush, I noticed a set of new growth on the jungle floor.


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