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By Dr. Raymond Youngblood Jr.

Doing business with people not like me! 1.8 billion Muslims in the world, 2.2 billion Christians, 488 million Buddhists, and 70 million Hindu’s, if your business only focuses on people just like you then you about to miss out on a whole lot of money. A few of my friends in the real estate industry have seen significant increases in their business. Though the jumps are not local buyers, it’s not their traditional buyers that look like them, and it surely not people of the same cultural background. One of my real estate friends told me that she was living paycheck to paycheck until she opened her cultural boundaries. When she decided to sell houses to good qualifying buyers and not be concern about what they look like or what her friends/family thought business boomed. So let me give you a little taste about the other side that can help you grow your sales, in return increase your business, in return expand your lifestyle, ultimately improving your community.


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