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By Dr. Raymond Youngblood Jr

Part 2 of 3. I expected to take a little heat from last weeks article about the judicial system and the role of a judge. We southerners have a saying, “Tell the truth and shame the devil.” I don’t lie; I don’t make-up stories; It is what it is, people. So, let's continue with part 2 of 3 The Lawyers? If the judge is like a referee then see the lawyers like “volunteer” coaches, Yes, you are paying them, but I use the word volunteer because choosing a good lawyer, Well-Umm, Huh! Close your eyes, open the phone book, point your finger that's your lawyer. No! Don’t do that! However, do consider a lawyer's training. Consider their role in the system and your legal matter. The law is like a rule. We must obey. However, the law itself will be argued by the lawyers and interpreted by the judge. Examine the two words 1. Argued and 2. Interpreted.


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