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By Dr.Raymond Youngblood Jr.

Control. I have found myself in lots of situations where people wanted control over my every move. Controlling girlfriends, government officials, and even my children. Everyone wants to control, but not everyone knows what to do with the control. This is life! In business not having control of a simple situation can cost you. I have gone to negotiate deals, but I knew something the other side was not aware. They wanted to use what seems to be an insignificant meal to measure their control of the situation. If they could talk me into lunch when I didn’t have the time, then they could get me to do other things. You see, some people do things by accident and others are calculated. Seasoned professionals will be calculated. To control another human being is merely a false belief because they can change their minds at any point, which turns the outcome unless changing their minds is the intended outcome. 

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