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By Dr. Raymond Youngblood Jr.

Negotiations. If you approacha negotiable situation to get what you want from the deal, it is likely a deal that will spoil.

There was a period when E mployee Unions dominated the workforce. The unions were smart enough to follow the lead of their most skillful negotiators. The results lead to all types of unions springing up all over the world. Employees got better pay, benefits, and work conditions. One would never think that a human being would have to negotiate with another human being on quality of life, but this is the world we live in today. A good deal is not always about you winning everything you want. You have to know how to give up something that gets you a better and stronger deal. The other side has to feel a sense of achievement to give you something. The agreement has to be a Win (You)-Win (Them)- Win (The Situation) to avoiding spoiling in the future. One would think you can talk your way into a good deal and this is possible if the other side is weak. Strong deal making requires relationship building, skill, patience, information, charm, selective aggressiveness, and focus.

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