North DeSoto Playoff Run Has Come to an End

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By Madison Ruston

The Griffins were in the 2nd round of the playoffs this week and they had to travel down to New Orleans to take on the #4 seed Warren Easton. North DeSoto was big underdogs coming into this game, but they also had some people who thought they could pull off the ultimate upset. The Griffins knew they had to leave everything out on the field if they wanted to see the 3rd round of playoffs.

North DeSoto would receive the ball to start the game. They would get little to no yards and be forced to punt it away right off the bat. Warren Easton would easily make the ball into the end zone on just 3 plays, but their extra point would be blocked. Warren Easton lead by a touchdown 6/0 with 9:08 left in the 1st quarter. North DeSoto is able to move the ball little better on their next drive, but still has to punt it away. Warren Easton is once again able to move down the field quickly and score. Warren Easton goes for 2 but are stopped. The Eagles now lead by a score of 12/0 with 4:42 left.


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