Pay It Forward

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By Stephen Waguespack

Many have stepped up to help us over the years.

The horrific summer of 2005, dominated by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, left an indelible mark on New Orleans and our entire coastal area that continues to influence many of our actions today. Hurricanes Gustav and Ike impacted most of our state just a few years later, triggering a collaborative effort that resulted in the largest evacuation in the nation’s history at the time. The Deepwater Horizon incident and resulting oil spill brought new challenges that caught the nation’s attention, as did the unprecedented floods of last summer. Louisiana has faced our fair share of adversity over the years, and the commitment of our communities and the compassion of our fellow Americans helped us get through it each time.

Tropical Storm Harvey turned into a Category 4 hurricane in the blink of an eye and slammed into the Texas coast this week, quickly flooding Houston, America’s fourth largest city. A population nearly double the state of Louisiana was soon facing an unprecedented storm and numerous long-term challenges. Harvey is not yet done, and this storm will also leave a serious mark on many Louisiana communities before it wraps up.


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