Sue or Get Out of the Way

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By Stephen Waguespack

On September 21, 2016, a letter was signed and sent by Governor John Bel Edwards to multiple coastal parishes in the state of Louisiana to “encourage” them to sue oil and gas companies in their parishes, as well as those that previously operated in the area.

In this letter, the Governor explained that the state has intervened in lawsuits filed by Plaquemines, Jefferson, Vermillion and Cameron parishes in the hopes of landing a big payday from the industry in the name of coastal restoration. It goes on to say that a few handselected attorneys hired by the Governor – at taxpayer expense – many with direct ties to his campaign last year – have told him that the parishes receiving this letter were ripe to join in the lawsuit. The Governor’s attorneys obviously asked him to “encourage” the coastal parishes to get with the new program and apparently he was obliged to do so.


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