These are the dog days of August, most certainly. Farm boys of the Great Depression recall them quite vividly in the days of picking cotton in the burning sun, feeling the heat on yourback and making it to the end of the row to get a pull on the water keg  which gave only “wet”, not cool, but near boiling point liquid. The keg had no shade, neither did the pickers. Life was simple then. No ice water, but a big chunk from the icehouse on Sunday for ice tea. Sleeping under a mosquito bar was no fun since it cut off any breeze, which might come through an open window in your bedroom. Being hot or fighting the humming insects? There was no window fan since there was no electricity. However, we went to war and kicked the hell out of the Japs and Germans and later, some 70 years later, we were called the Greatest Generation. We are getting out of the way of brilliant boys and girls, which we claim. Thanks, we trust you because we all want to remain free.  

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