Teen love (infatuation) is powerful, unbelievable, upsetting, life changing and long “remembering”. Most of us are victims. She was scarcely five in height, had big brown eyes which could melt stone. She would be eligible for the heavenly body class. The party was Friday night (like tonight) and this 10th grader must ask the ninth grader before she caught the bus to her home on the plantation four miles away. Getting up all the bravery in me I dashed to catch her on the stairs before the bus left. Barely. I timidly asked if she would like to attend the party with me. She said that she “would be delighted”. And we melted. (She knew I’d ask her). Our friend who had a car and a girl friend in the same area brought me to her house. Timidly, I knocked and the answer was coarse and loud coming from her dad. Upon entering, Daddy asked what I wanted as he kept cleaning a double-barrel shotgun. More sweat. I asked for Susan (not her name) as we left I heard “better be back by 11”. I did not know that the next day was opening day for squirrel hunting. Our two older brothers wanted to know what was wrong with John Earle. One figured it out. John Earle was in love. Did not last long, too hard on the heart and chest and entire body. Wonderful in any way, however

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