New Year, Same Game

By Stephen Waguespack.
New Year’s Day symbolizes allday televised football and the last hoorah of the holiday season. It also is a day to reflect on the past year and talk about all the great things you will accomplish over the next 365 days. Most folks tend to lay out some clear goals and make some ironclad promises to accomplish them in short order. Going to church, losing some weight, and exercising more are some of the more popular ones, but these resolutions come in all shapes and sizes. Well, according to a New York Times article that ran last week, several of the president’s top people met quietly in Washington D.C. last month to discuss the minimum wage. The article stated that the meeting was one of several and that some of the top economic and legislative staffers to the president, his political campaign operatives, national labor union officials, and a few liberal advocacy groups attended.


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